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It’s the only reason why I’m still at St. Paul. If i didn’t have that, I probably would have transferred by now. I know many people would be thrilled if I left. People preach about how we’re this “family” but any family that would isolate or speak badly about any of it’s members is not a family…

still pretty damn proud of myself for this.



Hahahahahahahahahahah wtf

Well hello there ex boyfriends girlfriend… Oh you wanna hug?? Okaaaaay?? What’s that you say? You didn’t know I dated him for 2 years? Well yeah that’s me. Oh you still wanna hug? Alright then. Well I guess we can go dance now….
Lol total what the fuck moment. My face says it all. But she’s a nice girl.

i still find this hilarious 



I give you, The Basco.

Listen to “Our Time Now” by Plain White T’s as you watch this. Kinda funny, not going to lie. Haha (Edit: Or better yet, “Chakaron”)

our friendship captured in one gif.

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Here comes the girl who’s desperate for attention.
“There’s a special place in hell for little girls like you, Cano.”
She’s a pretty girl. She shouldn’t have anything to worry about.
“I don’t love you anymore, Cano.”
She doesn’t know what pain is. She’s never experienced anything.
“Ms. Cano,…

going through my old posts from when i was extremely depressed. looking back, i don’t regret my words or my feelings. reading the last couple lines takes me back. i still remember that dark place very well. i choose not to go back but if i must, i know i can survive. 


The other day I barely survived my first day of beginning ballet. The teacher gave me crap the whole time. If I hadn’t taken dance classes in high school I probably wouldn’t have been able to keep up. (Thank you TC). He kept coming around and asking me if I was sure about adding the class and asking if I was nervous. At one point he even asked if I was trying. I miss being one of the better dancers of the group. Now I look silly and it’s frustrating. I used to be really confident with my dancing and now I kinda just have to fake being confident because I feel so dumb.
Anyway on the first day I wore sweats and a tshirt. Obviously I stuck out. Everyone was in leotards and ballet shoes. As we were kicking, I looked to the girl on my left. Yeah her kick was higher but her foot was flexed and her back was hunched. I at least had my foot pointed and my back straight but because I was in sweats and she was in full ballerina gear, I got picked on. Later the teacher came up to me pointed at my clothes and said, “next time…” Welllll I don’t have the money or the time to buy it yet soooo leggings, spanks, tank top, and socks… I really hope he doesn’t pick on me. Honestly, I’m terrified. What if he throws me out because he thinks I’m not “trying” hard enough?
….ha… I know it’s not the first time that’s happened in my life.
Anyway, wish me luck guys.

wow….. look how skinny i was. this was just a few years ago. reading this makes me laugh. in case you were wondering, i was kicked out of the class. not because i wasn’t good enough but because he couldn’t add any more students to the class. that quarter i dropped out of school. that wasn’t a very good point in my life.


this is something i’m still in the process of working on for Nick but ya it’s gonna be a sticker 

TRACK: Dammit (blink-182)
ARTIST: Paper Ceilings



TRACK: Songs about Girls
ARTIST: Just Nick
ALBUM: Bedpunk

I’ve got a real hard time writin’ songs, honestly 
cause my honesty is killing everyone around me 
when you fall in love with your best friend 
do you try your best or do you just pretend that everything’s gonna work itself out 

TRACK: Dear Friend
ARTIST: Just Nick
ALBUM: Bedpunk
TRACK: Cliché Filler Punk Song
ARTIST: Just Nick
ALBUM: Semi-revolutionary

who are these junkies? they’re not my friends anymore
but who the hell’s really my friend, man, what’re they good for?
and what’s the deal with coffee and cigarettes?
that’s about as cliché as punk rock can get
but none of that shit matters when you’re a lonely kid like me
so please man, buy my record, come on,
help my self esteem

TRACK: Capital
ARTIST: Just Nick
ALBUM: Bedpunk


Listen/preorder: Stay Inside by Just Nick

Stay Inside is a 4 song EP written, performed, and recorded by (Just) Nick Wuebben. It’s about the summertime, an essay (concerning human understanding), girls with the tenacity to remind me of Ronald Reagan, feelin’ apathetic, Larry Robinson, thrash metal t-shirts, Jenny, dyin’ young, and shitty blog posts.

This releases on August 1st, the day I leave to tour across the country for the first time. Every cent made from preorders is another cent I’ll probably spend on junk food to survive. Kisses for everyone.


Listen to: Bedpunk by Just Nick

My newest record, Bedpunk, is now available for free downloads online. Thanks for every ounce of support. I love you guys lots.

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